Multivitamin Complex

€10,15 EUR

When you need to know that you have all bases covered with as little hassle as possible – reach for the DY Nutrition Multivitamin Complex.

This premium vitamin complex delivers the key nutritional components, in their most bioavailable (readily absorbed) forms, whilst ensuring they are available in optimal, research supported doses.

Delivering all water and fat soluble vitamins from A to Z (let’s just say Z is Zinc for arguments sake), our Multivitamin complex goes above and beyond the industry norm for a multivitamin. Our complex also contains brain and nervous system components such as Co-enzyme Q-10, as well as Adaptogens such as Panax Ginseng which can improve your bodies ability to manage stress. Panax Ginseng coupled with Ginko Biloba can also aid memory and thinking skills (cognition), as well as reduce inflammation, well-being and manage anxiety.

All vitamins and nutritional components are in their most readily available form for optimal bioavailability and absorption, because remember, it’s not what you consume that matters most, it’s what you absorb!


As a dietary supplement, take 1 serving (1 tablet) twice a day with plenty of water or other liquid.

Each serving delivers the 24 key vitamins and minerals, plus 4mg Co-enzyme Q-10 and 220mg Panax Ginseng (adaptogens).

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