HIT Pack Complex

€34,94 EUR


DY Nutrition’s HIT Pack Complex is a Vitamin, mineral, omega-3 fatty acid, lecithin and Coenzyme Q10 containing dietary supplement. You could call it your ‘one stop shop’ for health, wellbeing and vitality.

Not to be mistaken for just ‘another’ multi-vitamin, this meticulously engineered vitamin and health complex is a concerto of evidence backed, clinically dosed components that comprise an orchestra of health and performance benefits to the consumer.


Features and Benefits

The DY Nutrition HIT Pack Complex consists of 8+ research backed ingredients that work in perfect harmony with one another. This premium nutrient complex delivers the key nutritional components, in their most bioavailable (readily absorbed) forms, whilst ensuring they are available in optimal, research supported quantities. 

The HIT Pack complex assures you that with every capsule and tablet consumed, you pay into your body’s much needed vitamin and nutrient insurance policy. Keeping you covered, to empower you to go about your day-to-day business with absolute confidence that you are meeting your micronutrient requirements and much more!

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